Product categories slider maybe used to show customers the main categories of your productrs. Like all of Blaszok’s shortcodes this one is also available through VisualComposer, which offers a simple drag & drop interface to build complex pages with ease.

[mpc_vc_deco_header type=”h5″ text=”Product Categories Slider”][mpc_vc_products_categories_slider filter=”dresses,jackets,mens-fashion,pants,womens-fashion,shoes,shirts,shorts,accessories”]
[mpc_vc_deco_header type=”h5″ text=”Product Category Slider Alternative”]

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[mpc_vc_products_categories_slider filter=”dresses,jackets,mens-fashion,pants,womens-fashion,shoes,shirts,shorts,accessories”]
[mpc_vc_deco_header type=”h5″ text=”Shortcode Attributes”]
  • categories – choose which categories you would like to include inside the sldier.

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